District Board Appointment Process

Thank you for your interest in the Moraine Park Technical College District Board.    Applications for the 2015-18 membership term will be accepted beginning Friday, February 20, 2015 through Friday, March 6, 2015.            

In order to be eligible for appointment to the Moraine Park District Board, applicants must: 

  1. Live within the Moraine Park District.
  2. Submit a properly completed application form
  3. Submit at least two letters of reference.
  4. Personally attend the appointment meeting/public hearing to be interviewed.

In the appointment process:

  • Equal consideration is given to the general population distribution within the district.
  • Equal consideration is given to the distribution of women and minorities. 
  • Consideration is also given to representatives of business and industry as required for the employer and employee member categories. 
  •  No two members of the district board may be officials of the same governmental unit. 
  • No district board member may be a member of the school board that employs the school district administrator.
  •   All applicants are eligible to be considered for the additional member category.

Click here for statistics and a general overview of the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Questions can be directed to:

Valerie Krueger
Executive Assistant to the President and District Board
Moraine Park Technical College
235 North National Avenue
Fond du Lac, WI  54936
920-929-2127 or vkrueger@morainepark.edu