Student E-Mail Acceptable Use Policy


Starting in the fall of 2008, Moraine Park Technical College has partnered with Microsoft to offer the Microsoft Live@edu – Exchange Labs hosted E-mail service to students. This hosted E-mail system will provide students the ability to utilize Microsoft Exchange, a popular E-mail system used in business and industry.

Use of E-mail

E-mail is an official means of communication at Moraine Park Technical College (College). The College may send communications to students via E-mail and has the right to expect that those communications are received and read in a timely manner. Information sent via E-mail holds the same importance as communication sent via other methods (mail, phone, etc.). It is recommended that students check their E-mail accounts periodically and consistently. Faculty may further designate how often E-mail must be checked.

Assignment of E-mail Address

An E-mail account will be provided to each student by the College in order to facilitate his or her academic pursuits. Information Technology will assign an E-mail address to all students at the time of network account creation. This E-mail address will be listed in the student record system for College use.

Access to E-mail Services

Access to E-mail will be provided to each student of the College via the Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access interface. This interface is available on any workstation that has Internet access by navigating to The E-mail account is to be used by the account holder only. Students may not give any other individual access to their E-mail account.

E-mail Forwarding

A student may wish to configure their College E-mail account to forward to another E-mail address. If a student wishes to redirect his or her E-mail, he or she may do so at his or her own risk. Often times, E-mail from outside hosts becomes trapped in the spam filters. The College or Microsoft is not responsible for the handling of E-mail by third party providers. Further, the use of automatic forwarding of E-mail does not release the student from the responsibilities of E-mail sent to the College-sponsored account. The College may prohibit the use of automatic forwarding when it is found to be problematic. In addition, the College may delete E-mail forwarding or other automated E-mail handling rules that cause system problems without prior notification.

Lifetime E-mail Services

Students are granted the use of the College E-mail system for life, as long as they continue to periodically access their account. After a student has discontinued academic activity with the College, they must check their account at least once a year or all mail may be subject to deletion.

Acceptable Use

E-mail accounts issued by the College are for academic use only. All accounts provided by the College are not to be used for illegal or immoral activities. In addition, any for-profit venture utilizing the College-sponsored E-mail system is prohibited.

Offensive Content and Harassing or Discriminatory Activities Are Banned

Students are prohibited from using E-mail to engage in activities or transmit content that is harassing, discriminatory, menacing, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or in any way objectionable or offensive.

Students are prohibited from using E-mail to:

  • Send, receive, solicit, print, copy, or reply to text or images that disparage others based on their race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status, disability, ancestry, or age
  • Send, receive, solicit, print, copy, or reply to jokes (text or images) based on sex, sexual orientation, race, age, religion, national origin, veteran status, ancestry, or disability
  • Send, receive, solicit, print, copy, or reply to messages that are disparaging or defamatory
  • Spread gossip, rumors, and innuendos about College students, faculty, and staff, or other parties
  • Send, receive, solicit, print, copy, or reply to sexually oriented messages or images
  • Send, receive, solicit, print, copy, or reply to messages or images that contain foul, obscene, off-color, or adult-oriented language
  • Send, receive, solicit, print, copy, or reply to messages or images that are intended to alarm others, embarrass the College, or negatively impact or harm students

Personal Information Must Be Protected

Students are prohibited from using E-mail to transmit personal confidential information to outside parties. Students may not access, send, receive, solicit, print, copy, or reply to personal information about students, faculty and staff.

Personal Information is defined as the first name or initial and last name" in combination" with one or more of the following nonpublic unencrypted pieces of information:

  • a social security number or employer identification number;
  • a driver’s license or identification card number;
  • a bank account, credit card or debit card number accompanied by the applicable passwords or security codes.

"in combination" is defined as the personal information is in the same document or database or contained within separate documents or databases on the same electronic hard drive or media such that the name and the other personal information can be associated together. E.g., a social security number which can be associated with the name of the owner.


Abuse of E-mail privileges and nonobservance of this procedure is considered to be a serious matter and will subject violators to disciplinary action. E-mail privileges may be revoked and violators will be subject to the Sanctions and Appeals Process as defined in the Student Handbook of the College. In addition, it should be understood that this procedure does not preclude further action resulting from the application of pertinent laws and regulations of the State of Wisconsin and/or the United States of America.