Steps for Taking a Class


Choose Your Class

Your first step is to choose a class. We have many fun and interesting classes or workshops to choose between. Take a Look!

If you are 16 years of age and younger, check out this important information.


Schedule Any Necessary Assessment Testing

Depending on which credit course(s) you would like to take, there may be assessment testing required before you enroll in a class.  Please call 800-472-4554 to schedule your Accuplacer.



Register for the classes you’re interested in. If you want to take a class for fun or improve your job skills without enrolling in a program, there is no need to apply! Read More...



Find out what your options are and what different payment methods we have. Read More...


Open your myMPTC Online Account and Student E-Mail

Once you're registered, you're expected to open your myMPTC account and set up your password. Your myMPTC account is how the college communicates with you. It will allow you to do several things such as register for classes, pay, view your grades and much more.  Read More…


Purchase Textbooks and Supplies

Textbooks and supplies should be purchased at the bookstore prior to the first day/night of class when possible and are not included in the advertised fee of a class.


Attend Class!

We look forward to seeing you on campus and involved with Student Life. Contact Employment Services in seeking employment with your degree. We are here for your future training needs.