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Recent high school graduates, don't let your credits go to waste! Complete a Moraine Park Transcript Request Form to have your credits transferred to the college of your choice.

Transcripted Credit

High school students who successfully complete a transcripted course earn both high school and technical college credit. 

Transcripted credits apply to courses that:

  • Are MPTC courses taught in the high schools using technical college curriculum and textbooks.
  • Are taught by high school teachers.
  • Follow MPTC's grading policies.
  • Require students to meet all course competencies and earn a "C" or higher.
  • Are recorded on the MPTC transcript. (Formal college record)
  • May be transferred to other Wisconsin technical colleges.

How do these agreements benefit you, the student?

  • You can earn credits toward a technical diploma or associate degree while still in high school.
  • You do not pay a fee for the credits earned - textbooks or tuition.
  • If you enroll at MPTC, you will not have to retake the course you already received credit for while still in high school. You save both time and money.

See the transcripted credit courses offered at your high school.

Advanced Standing

Certain Career Prep courses taught at the high school are awarded Advanced Standing credit. These courses are primarily found in the general education areas.  Similar to Career Prep Transcripted Credit courses, students earn both high school and college credits.

How is a Career Prep Advanced Standing course different from a Transcripted Credit course?

Advanced Standing course:

  • Use the high school curriculum that is determined to be equivalent to MPTC's course.
  • Require students to earn a "B" or higher to be eligible for Advanced Standing credits.
  • Post the grade on the high school transcript.
  • Is not placed on the MPTC transcript until:       
    • A student is admitted to an MPTC program after high school graduation.  
    • A student enrolls in MPTC courses and begins the first semester.

How do Advanced Standing courses benefit you, the student?

  • You do not have to retake the course(s) at MPTC.
  • You save the time and money.

See the Advanced Standing courses offered at your high school.

Career Prep Resources

Visit the WI Career Pathways Web site to begin searching for careers and the colleges in Wisconsin that will help you reach your career goals.