Automotive Sales Certificate

Program Number: 97-104-2
School Year: 2015-2016
Campus: West Bend

Program Description

The Automotive Sales Certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the competitive field of automotive sales. The courses provide in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry and dealership operations, customer relationship management, and sales principles and techniques. The certificate also provides an opportunity to obtain an internship at a local dealership. Current technologies, innovations and ethics are integrated throughout the certificate. This certificate is designed for, however not limited to, professionals with work experience or prior education in a degree program who desire to excel in the automotive sales industry.

Approximate Costs


  • $125.85 per credit (resident)
  • $188.80 per credit (out-of-state resident)

Fall/Spring Semester

  • $128.40 per credit (resident)
  • $192.60 per credit (out-of-state resident)
  • *Online students are not charged out-of-state fees.

  • Admission Process

    • Submit the college admission application.   
    • Submit the $30 one-time fee.   
    • Meet with Academic Advisor to discuss order of courses and prerequisites (strongly encouraged).   

    Please visit the Admissions page for general information.

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    Number Title Crs
    Term 1
    104-185 Automotive Industry and Dealership Organization 3
    104-186 Customer Relationship Management 3
    104-187 Automotive Sales Principles and Techniques 3
    104-188 Automotive Dealership Internship 3
    Total 12

    Academic Planner

    Transfer Opportunities

    Check out the Credit Transfers page for more information.