Automotive Technician

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Program Number: 32-404-2
School Year: 2015-2016
Technical Diploma (2 year)
Campus*: Fond du Lac

Program Description

The Automotive Technician program is offered as a four-semester technical diploma. Students learn to diagnose, service and repair all eight major systems of the automobile, which includes engine mechanical, engine performance, automatic transmission/transaxle, manual drive train, brakes, steering and suspension, climate control, and electrical and electronic systems. Mechanical aptitude, communication skills and an interest in the automotive industry are important to a successful automotive technician career. Graduates of the program may find employment as technicians in dealerships or other automotive repair facilities, service specialists, parts specialists, or as service writers/consultants. This program prepares students for ASE certification.

Statewide Median Salary for Recent Graduates

  • $24,958

Approximate Costs

  • $128.40 per credit (resident)
  • $192.60 per credit (out-of-state resident)
  • *Online students are not charged out-of-state fees.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate professionalism appropriate for the auto service industry.
  • Perform diagnosis, service and repair of automotive internal combustion engines.
  • Perform diagnosis, service and repair of automotive automatic transmission/transaxles systems.
  • Perform diagnosis, service and repair of automotive manual drive train and axles systems.
  • Perform diagnosis, service and repair of automotive steering and suspension systems.
  • Perform diagnosis, service and repair of automotive brake systems.
  • Perform diagnosis, service and repair of automotive electrical/electronic systems.
  • Acquire certification for Federal EPA and State of Wisconsin in mobile refrigerant recovery and recycling.
  • Perform diagnosis, service and repair of automotive heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Perform diagnosis, service and repair of automotive engine performance systems.
  • Prepare for ASE certification testing.

Career Opportunities

  • Automotive Technician
  • Automotive Specialist
  • Parts Specialist
  • Service Advisor/Writer

Admission Process

  • Submit the college admission application.   
  • Submit the $30 one-time fee.   
  • Submit high school and other official college transcripts.   
  • Take the college assessment test (ACCUPLACER, ACT or other). The ACCUPLACER assessment can be taken at MPTC.   
  • Attend a program orientation with your advisor.   
  • Check with Admissions if any additional steps are required.   

Please visit the Admissions page for general information.

Gainful Employment

The information below is provided as a federal requirement in an effort to help students make informed educational decisions. Specifically, Gainful Employment aims to provide information related to future potential debt burden in comparison to the expected earnings in a chosen program or field.

Gainful Employment Data

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Program Admission Requirement

  • 998-171 Auto New Student Orientation


Number Title Crs
Term 1
103-159 **Computer Literacy - Microsoft Office 1
602-104 Brake Systems 3
602-107 Auto Service Fundamentals 2
602-124 Steering and Suspension Systems 3
602-125 Electrical and Electronic Systems 1 2
623-105 Metals for Technicians 1
804-360 Occupational Mathematics 1 2
 - OR - 
804-107 College Mathematics 3
890-101 **College 101 2
Total 16
Term 2
442-101 Welding for Automotive Technicians 1
602-103 Engine Repair 1 2
602-127 Electrical and Electronic Systems 2 3
602-128 Electrical and Electronic Systems 3 3
602-133 Shop Simulation/Internship 1 2
602-197 Engine Performance 1 3
801-310 Occupational Communication 2
 - OR - 
801-136 English Composition 1 3
806-376 Applied Physics 2
 - OR - 
806-137 Comprehensive Technical Physics 4
Total 18
Term 3
602-123 Engine Repair 2 3
602-134 Shop Simulation/Internship 2 2
602-196 Climate Control Systems 3
602-198 Engine Performance 2 4
809-300 Occupational Success Strategies 2
 - OR - 
801-136 English Composition 1 3
Total 14
Term 4
602-109 Auto Transmission/Transaxle 4
602-132 Light Duty Diesel Engine Operation 2
602-135 Shop Simulation/Internship 3 2
602-149 Manual Drive Train and Axles 4
602-195 Advanced Chassis Systems 2
Total 14
Total Program Credits and Institutional Requirements 62

Exit Assessment

Licensure/certification exams are an exit assessment graduation requirement for the program: Successful completion of Mobile Refrigerant Handling Licensure and ASE Student Exams.

Institutional Requirements

** The credits for 103-159 Computer Literacy-Microsoft Office and 890-101 College 101 are Institutional Requirements for graduation. Consequently, they are not part of the program credit requirements.

Additional Program Requirements

Students must wear Moraine Park approved program uniform. Tool kit recommended for purchase for this program.

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Transfer Opportunities

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Additional Information

*Enrollment may limit the campus availability or delivery of certain courses.

NATEF Program Standards

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