Diversity Resource Center

“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
         - Joshua J. Marine

The Diversity Resource Center of Moraine Park Technical College was established in 2004. We strive to promote cultural understanding, sensitivity, and overall respect for all backgrounds. We provide a safe space for visitors. Everyone who enters is welcome, treated with respect, and assisted in the best way possible. The Diversity Resource Center is open to students, as well as, the general public.

Something for Everyone

We offer:

  1. Latest diversity magazine, newspaper, or check out a video, a DVD, or a book from our library
  2. Free high speed computers and Microsoft Office
  3. Class assignment review and clarification assistance
  4. Help in finding information about:
    1. Admissions
    2. Registration
    3. Learning resources
    4. Financial aid
    5. Minority scholarship/internship
    6. Opportunities
    7. Career services/educational planning
    8. Student Success
    9. Counseling.
  5. Help with looking for a job, housing, health information, and diversity services

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