Moraine Park Staff Directory

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Last Name First Name Email Employee Title Campus Office Phone
Adams Michele Safety Manager FDL Room C-131.5 920-924-6426
Allen Eric Computer Tech Supt Spec FDL Room C105.14 920-924-3267
Andersen Amy Counselor FDL Room E110.3 920-924-3199
Andrew Dennis Housekeeper FDL Room C130 920-887-1704
Arenz Gloria Instr Tech Computer Spec FDL Room C105.14 920-924-3121
Arndt Marcia Assoc Dean of Manufacturing WB Room T113.1 262-335-5725
Arndt Nadine Housekeeper FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Arneson Marisa Academic Advisor WB Room T112.5 262-335-5852
Atkinson Ross Web Developer FDL Room E124 920-924-6532
Backhaus Janet Student Support Rep WB Room T112 262-306-5333
Baerwald Bonnie President FDL District Office-Finance 920-929-2131
Baierl Hans Library Services Coordinator FDL Room A211.3 920-924-3112
Bandler Mary Respiratory Care Prac Instr FDL Room E123.4 920-924-3339
Barfield Joan Corrections Science Instr FDL Room E123.2 920-924-3271
Barnes Nancy Housekeeper (FDL) FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Bartelt Todd Radiography Instructor FDL Room E128.14 920-924-3151
Barz Laurie EWD Community Coordinator Room JX103 262-335-5825
Bau Linda Clinical Lab Instr FDL Room E123.4 920-924-3314
Bauer Janet Medical Assistant Instr BD Room K210.19 920-887-1449
Bauer Bonita Director of Admissions FDL Room E103.4 920-924-6349
Beach Jeffrey Welding Instructor FDL Room E123.3B 920-924-6438
Beck Kevin Housekeeper WB Room L140 262-335-5745
Behlke Rosemarie Asst to VP - Academic Affairs FDL Room C128 920-924-3318
Bentz Susan LRC Technician BD Room J110 920-887-1849
Berg Melissa Communications Instr FDL Room A218.5 920-924-3340
Bernhard Cynthia Bus Tech & Comp Apps Instr WB Room L103.17 262-335-5723
Bird-Roehrig Rhonda Careers Instructor FDL Room A223.3 920-924-3244
Bjork Anders Web Services Manager FDL Room E124 920-924-3466
Bladorn Aaron Bookstore Manager FDL --
Blankenheim Brian Marine Power Equip Instr BD --
Blessing Christy Employment Manager FDL District Office-HR 920-924-3495
Block David Basic Education/ELL Instructor BD Room K210.9 920-887-4419
Boelter Melanie Switchboard Op/Student Sup Rep FDL Room C004.1 920-924-3308
Boix-Pawlak Raquel English Lang Lrng Prog Special FDL Room A227 920-924-6339
Bonlender Carmen Academic Advisor FDL Room C125.2 920-924-3248
Bosch Cathryn Nursing Instructor BD Room K105.2 920-887-4423
Bosin Bonnie Parts Store Clerk FDL Room C134.1 920-929-2118
Bosveld Julie Academic Advisor FDL Room E108.2 920-924-6325
Bouchard Eileen Barber/Cosmetology Instructor FDL Room E128.7 920-924-3284
Boudreau Richard Director of Facilities FDL Room C-131.1 920-929-2136
Boyle-Gustavus Ann Security Officer - FDL FDL Room C-001 920-924-6478
Boyle-Gustavus Jeanette Electricity Instructor WB Room L-104.6 262-306-5309
Braaksma Michael Housekeeper (BD) BD Room K304.2 920-887-1704
Braatz Kimberly Careers Instructor BD Room J112.1 920-887-4437
Brace James Assoc Dean Human Services FDL Room E176.1 920-924-3330
Braskamp Carrie Programming & Design Tech Spec BD Room J106 920-887-4458
Brath Rebecca EWD Instructor FDL Room E123.3B 920-924-3328
Braun Jonne Adm Asst - BD Campus Dean BD Room J101 920-887-1428
Brendel Charles Assoc Dean of EWD FDL Room E131 920-924-6371
Brezinsky Joan Adm Aide - College Adv FDL District Office G109.3 920-924-3281
Broske Kathleen VP - Human Resources FDL District Office-HR 920-929-2139
Brown Barbara Nursing Instructor FDL Room E128.12 920-924-6395
Bruegman-May Karrie Nursing Assistant Instructor FDL Room E128.5 920-924-3256
Bruins Susan AP & Payroll Specialist FDL District Office - Finance 920-924-3239
Bruins Debra College Advancement Asst FDL Room District Office G113 920-924-3263
Buchanan Kristine Academic Advisor-SSS/EDGE FDL Room A102.4 920-924-3158
Buchholz Cynthia Housekeeper FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Budde Julie EWD Project Mgr FDL Room E129 920-924-3224
Buytendorp Lila Director of User Services FDL Room C105.6 920-924-3178
Campopiano Ronald Social Science Instructor WB Room T202.4 262-335-5838
Carnahan Kenneth Anatomy & Physiology Instr FDL Room E123.5 920-924-3274
Casper Michael Computer Tech Supt Spec FDL Room C105.14 920-929-2497
Cassidy-Neal Tammi Accommodation Specialist WB Room T126 262-335-5741
Christianson Wendy Accommodation Specialist BD Room J101.3 920-887-4495
Clark Larry Welding Instructor BD K401.1 920-887-4490
Clark Joseph Security Officer - BD BD Room J-100 920-887-1755
Clark Amy Admissions & Advising Manager FDL Room E103.5 920-924-3257
Clemens Timothy CNC/Tool & Die Tech Instr WB Room T202.9 262-335-5785
Coley Karen Adult Career Pathways Manager BD Room K211.2 920-887-4426
Cook Danielle Surgical Technologist Instr FDL Room E152.2 920-924-6391
Cordeiro Ronaldo Academic Advisor FDL Room C108 920-924-6376
Cordell Tina Nursing Assistant Instructor FDL Room B-108.1 920-924-3350
Corrente Francesco Automotive Technician Instr FDL Room B108.3 920-924-3156
Cram Stanley Vice President-Student Affairs FDL Room E101.1 920-924-6431
Daniels James Automotive Technician Instr FDL Room B108.4 920-924-3159
DeGroot Kerry Nursing Instructor WB Room L103.3 262-335-5727
Deksnis Heather Info Proc-Student Serv Center FDL Room C004 920-924-3218
DeMaa Kimberly Financial Aid Specialist FDL Room C126 920-924-3209
Desiderio Joseph IT Techn Support Spec Instr FDL Room O206.5 920-924-3352
Dickinson Kim Student Support Rep FDL C001 920-924-6493
Dilling Julie Accounting Instructor FDL Room O201.1 920-924-3336
Dion Joe Maintenance Mechanic FDL Room B-101.2 920-924-3377
Dobogai Andrea Nursing Instructor FDL Room B108.8 920-924-6328
Dodge Jean Creative Services Manager FDL Room O105.3 920-929-2120
Dolinar Jodie Nursing Assistant Instructor WB Room L103.18 262-335-5709
Domenosky Danielle Barber/Cosmetology Instructor FDL Room E128.10 920-924-3272
Donohue Karla Counselor BD Room J104 920-887-4441
Dougherty Lisa Adm Asst - Manufacturing WB Room T113 262-306-5321
Dudzinski Katrina Adm Aide - Dean of Students FDL Room E110 920-924-3194
Duran Michelle Tutoring Services Specialist FDL Room A-216 920-924-6488
Eden James VP - Academic Affairs FDL District Office 920-924-3317
Eggers Michele Financial Aid Asst FDL Room C125 920-924-3490
Ehlert Mary Jo ellucian-Sr Systems Analyst FDL Room E124 920-924-6345
Eilbes Thomas Maintenance Mechanic BD Room K304.2 920-887-4435
Eldridge Daniel Instructional Aide-Welding Lab WB Room L104.7 262-306-5315
Endejan Thomas Culinary Arts Instructor FDL Room A116 920-924-3135
Erber Lori Computer Lab Software App Spec BD Room J-111 920-887-4471
Erickson Pamela Student Support Rep - Call Ctr FDL Room C004.1 920-924-6472
Esposito Nancy Basic Education Instr FDL Room A223.4 920-924-3285
Esselman Dorothy Account Technician WB Room N111 262-335-5766
Evenson Heather Nursing Instr WB Room L103.16 262-335-5790
Faeh John Security Manager WB Room T113.3 262-335-5705
Falk Deborah Disability Resource Specialist BD Room K206 920-887-4424
Falter Joan Accounting Instructor WB Room L103.23 262-335-5718
Fatla Michael Dir of Application Development FDL Room E124 920-924-3323
Faul Ann Adm Asst - Basic Ed & ELL FDL Room A224 920-924-6393
Ferch Ann Adm Aide-Ripon Center RPN Room 161 920-924-6409
Ferguson Lisa Careers Instructor WB Room W142 262-335-5773
Feuerhammer Jennifer Advertising & Social Media Mng FDL Room O105.7 920-924-3265
Fields Bobbi Medical Assistant Instr FDL Room E128.2 920-924-3354
Finnel Kristen Dean of Health & Human Serv FDL Room E176.3 920-924-3319
Fischer Renae Academic Advisor FDL Room C108.1 920-929-2477
Fisher Sandy Graphic Production Specialist FDL Room O105 920-924-3262
Fitzsimmons Jill Student Supp & Call Center Rep WB Room T112 262-335-5802
Flaherty Timothy Traffic Safety Instructor FDL Room E123.2 920-924-3343
Flanigan Brenda Design Specialist FDL Room O105.6 920-924-6329
Forciea Bruce Anatomy & Physiology Instr WB Room L103.14 262-335-5810
Frederick Christine Instructional Aide - Health Sc FDL Room E163 920-924-3150
Freund Donna Payroll Manager FDL District Office-Finance 920-924-3237
Freund Tammy Web Developer Instructor FDL Room O206.9 920-924-3357
Garofalo Dominic Web Developer Instructor WB Room L103.4 262-335-5851
Gauerke Mallory Training Coordinator FDL Room O-110.2 920-924-6303
Gellings Beau EWD Business Representative FDL Room E-125 920-924-6460
Gerlach Angela EWD Contract Specialist FDL Room E124 920-924-3332
Geschke Joshua EWD CNC Instr FDL B121.2 920-924-3269
Giebel Katherine LRC Clerk FDL Room A211 920-929-2470
Gindt Katherine Admin Aide - SSS FDL Room A102 920-924-3165
Gloede John EMS/Paramedic Instructor FDL Room E152.5 920-924-3259
Graff Barry CNC/Tool & Die Tech Instr WB Room T202.11 262-335-5726
Graff Cheryl Production Assembly Instructor FDL Room E130 920-924-3341
Green William Diversity Relations Coord FDL Room A102.2 920-924-6355
Griffin Daniel CNC/Tool & Die Techn Instr WB Room T202.10 262-335-5704
Gross Debora Sign Language Interpreter FDL Room A216 920-924-3361
Gruss Jeffery Corrections Science Instr FDL Room E123.3 920-929-2112
Guelig Julie Adm Aide-Institn Effectiveness FDL Room E103 920-929-2494
Habeck Craig Mechatronics Instr FDL Room B108.13 920-924-6311
Hackbarth Sherry Academic Advisor BD Room J101.2 920-887-4425
Haeni Brian Facilities Manager FDL Room C-131.4 920-929-2119
Hager Lisa Early Childhood Edu Instructor WB Room L103.7 262-306-5318
Hahn Bruce Document Production Specialist FDL Room B-101.1 920-924-3381
Hailey Tanya Student Support Rep - Call Ctr FDL Room C004.1 920-924-3407
Hall JoAnn Dean of EWD FDL Room E133 920-924-3289
Halter Joseph Social Science Instr FDL Room O201.7 920-924-3345
Hanisch Alfred Math Instructor FDL Room B121.8 920-924-3171
Hannam Dyan Radiography Instructor FDL Room E128.14 920-924-3243
Hannam Karolyn Computer Tech Supt Spec FDL Room C105.14 920-924-3515
Hanrahan Timothy Security Officer - WB WB Room T-100 262-335-5892
Hansen Veronica Student Support Rep FDL Room C004 920-924-3212
Hansen Douglas Computer Technical Suppt Spec BD Room K307.2 920-887-4468
Hanson Christine Security Officer - WB WB Room T-100 262-335-5892
Harmsen Amy Off Tech & Comp Appl Instr FDL Room O206.8 920-924-3348
Harmsen Linda Adm Aide-Corrections W10237 Lake Emily Rd 920-928-6964
Harn Teresa Counselor FDL Room E110.2 920-924-6535
Harrington Kim Adm Asst - Trades FDL Room B107 920-924-6436
Harris Ashley Housekeeper FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Hass Kathleen Ec/Wkfc Dev Contract Spec FDL Room E-127 920-924-3449
Hayes Emily Reading/Writing Instructor FDL Room O109.6 920-924-3337
Henderleiter Steve Welding Instructor WB Room L104.5 262-306-5311
Henken JoAnne Director of Organizational Dev FDL Room O110.1 920-929-2481
Herrera April Nursing Instructor FDL Room B108.12 920-924-3187
Herrmann Wendy Curriculum Coordinator BD Room K105.8 920-887-4427
Hess Kimberly Accounts Receivable Specialist FDL District Office - Finance 920-924-3238
Heyrman Robert Communications Instructor FDL Room A218.2 920-924-3133
Hilt Kristine Adm Aide-Corrections FDL Room E124 920-924-3306
Hodgen Bree Communications Instructor FDL Room A218.6 920-924-3136
Hofer Christopher Instr Tech Web Spec FDL Room A205 920-924-3110
Hokenson James CNC/Tool & Die Techn Instr WB Room T202.12 262-335-5807
Holte Lane Registrar FDL Room C126.1 920-924-6378
Horton Matthew Instructional Tech Specialist FDL Room O215 920-929-2132
Horvath Stephen Assoc Dean of Trades FDL Room B107.2 920-924-3129
Huebschman Richard Reference Librarian WB Room N107 262-335-5760
Huenink Sandra Dean of Basic Education FDL Room A224.3 920-924-3130
Hurlbert Deborah Nursing Assistant Instructor BD Room K210.4 920-887-4497
Hurtienne Matthew Dean of the Beaver Dam Campus BD Room J101.4 920-887-1441
Huth Maryann Instr Aide - CulinaryArts FDL Room A111.2 920-924-6312
Huycke James Associate Director of Grants FDL Room E103.8 920-924-3518
Jacob Pamela Nursing Assistant Instructor WB Room L103.22 262-335-5898
Jacobs Kathleen Student Support Repr FDL Room C004 920-924-6405
Jarvis Jacqueline Grants Coordinator FDL Room E103.7 920-924-6433
Juknialis Greta LRC Clerk FDL Room A205 920-924-3370
Justman Sandra EWD Business Representative FDL District Office 262-335-5784
Kallas Anne Academic Advisor - Nursing WB Room L143.1 262-335-5768
Kasubaski Carrie Director of Finance FDL District Office-Finance 920-924-3236
Keenan Timothy Purchasing Manager FDL Room C-131.7 920-924-3240
Kendall Lori Assistant to the VP - HR FDL District Office-HR 920-924-3445
Kilgas Gregory Compensation & Benefits Mgr FDL District Office - HR 920-929-2137
Kirchner Sandra Nursing Simulation Specialist WB Room L146.5 262-335-5858
Kleman Christopher Instructional Tech Specialist WB Room T119 262-335-5887
Klostermann Dwane Clinical Lab Instr FDL Room E128.3 920-924-3292
Knebel Dana Dir of College Advancement FDL District Office 920-924-3225
Knutson Todd Housekeeping Manager FDL Room C131.6 920-924-3221
Koch Kathy LRC Aide WB N107 262-335-5759
Koffman Mary Adm Aide - Registrar's Off FDL Room A104 920-924-3211
Kohlwey Janet Academic Advisor WB Room N121.1 262-335-5877
Kollmann Terri Adm Asst-Applied Tech & Trades FDL Room B107 920-924-3217
Koplin Michele Medical Assistant Instr FDL Room E123.1 920-924-3480
Koppenhaver Melissa Adm Aide - Dir of Admissions FDL Room E103.10 920-924-6350
Kozlowski Kristin Academic Advisor WB Room T112.3 262-335-5878
Kranz Robin Student Supp & Call Center Rep WB Room T112 262-335-5712
Krieger Mary Nursing Instructor WB Room L103.13 262-335-5721
Krueger Valerie Exec Asst to Pres & Dist Board FDL District Office-President 920-929-2127
Krug Robert HVAC Instr WB Room L104.4 262-306-5308
Kryscio Chad Maintenance Mechanic WB Room L140 262-335-5808
Kuhaupt Christine Asst to Chief Info Officer FDL Room C105.5 920-924-3326
Kutz Carrie Off Tech & Comp Appl Instr BD Room K210.3 920-887-4416
Kwakkel Cory Bldgs & Grounds Maint Worker BD Room K-304.2 920-887-1704
Kwiecinski Paul Social Science Instr WB Room L103.2 262-335-5787
Lanter Jennifer Dean of General Education FDL 0109.4 920-924-3163
LeCount Ashley HRIS Coordinator FDL G-100.3 920-924-3227
Leichtfuss Rebecca Communications Instructor WB Room L103.A 262-335-5880
Leigh Randall ellucian-Sr Systems Analyst FDL Room E124 920-924-6315
Lemke Anne TACT Grant Manager FDL Room O-206.10A 920-924-3329
Lenz Steven HVAC-R Instructor WB Room L104.3 262-306-5310
Lieburn Scott Dean of Students FDL Room E129.3 920-924-6459
Lindner Raymond Bldgs & Grounds Maint Worker FDL Room B-101.2 920-924-3223
Ljubenko Bojan Dir of Institn'l Effectiveness FDL Room E103.1 920-924-3229
Lloyd Erika LRC Technician FDL Room A205 920-924-3111
Lombardo Bethany Academic Advisor FDL Room C107 920-924-3245
Loomans Jason Senior Network Engineer FDL Room L136.1 262-335-5703
Lotto Julienne Accommodation Specialist FDL Room A220 920-924-3196
Luby Andrew Welding/Fabrication Instructor WB Room L104.8 262-335-5791
Luby Alisha Housekeeper FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Lueck Stephanie Financial Aid Specialist FDL Room C126 920-924-6407
MacDonald Judy Nursing Instructor FDL Room B108.2 920-924-3198
Madison Gloria Health Info Tech Instr WB Room L103.8 262-335-5730
Magana Joely LRC Specialist FDL Room A210 920-924-3118
Mallas Krista Human Resources Assistant FDL District Office-HR 920-924-6402
Mand Weinberger Brenda Adm Asst-Human Services FDL Room E176 920-924-3270
Manduva Satheesh ellucian- Technical Lead FDL 920-924-3185
Manier Lorraine Nursing Instructor FDL Room E128.6 920-924-6323
Manning Jenny Student Info Systems Coord FDL Room A104.2 920-924-3242
Manuell Lisa Lead - Student Life BD Room K323 920-887-4462
Marquardt Lynn Adm Asst - Health & Human Svcs FDL Room E176.4 920-924-3320
Martin Heidi Nursing Instructor BD Room K105.5 920-887-4412
Martin Mary Sign Language Interpreter WB Room W145.1 262-335-5857
Matteson Jennifer Adm Asst-Business FDL Room O206.2 920-929-2115
Maurer Jeremy Accounting Instructor WB Room L103.24 262-335-5719
May Margaret Math Instructor FDL Room O109.7 920-924-3142
McAfee Shawn Graphic Comm Instr FDL Room O201.4 920-924-3342
McCain Laurence Instr Tech Web Spec WB Room N110.1 262-335-5764
McCarthy Daurren Assessment & Admissions Spec FDL Room C110 920-924-6398
McFadden John Computer Tech Supt Spec FDL Room C105.14 920-924-3183
McGauley Monica Middle College & WIA Spec BD Room K210.1 920-887-4459
McGilvra Maureen Housekeeper (BD) BD Room K304.2 920-887-1704
McLean Elizabeth Chiropractic Tech Instr WB Room L103.19 262-335-5751
Meihack Annette Basic Education Instructor WB Room W139.2 262-335-5715
Melaney Michael Electricity Apprentice Instr WB Room L104.1 262-335-5754
Melaney Therese Admin Asst - WB Campus Dean WB Room T113 262-335-5713
Meltz Edward Math Instructor WB Room T202.6 262-335-5728
Mendoza Beth Director of Talent Management FDL District Office-HR 920-924-3233
Mengert Michele Nursing Instructor BD Room K105.4 920-887-4421
Mercado Marylou Assoc Dean of Nursing WB Room L101.1 262-335-5757
Merten Michele Admissions Technical Spec FDL Room C-110 920-924-3251
Metz Stephen EMS/Paramedic Instructor FDL Room E152.4 920-924-3286
Meyer Amy Recruitment Specialist FDL Room O204 920-924-3201
Meyer Julie Security Officer - FDL FDL Room C-001 920-924-6478
Mitchell Bradley Academic Advisor-SSS/EDGE WB Room T112.1 262-335-5879
Mittelsteadt Gregory Academic Advisor FDL Room E108.1 920-924-6324
Moede Melissa Computer Tech Supt Spec WB Room L136.B 262-335-5835
Moy Timothy Automotive Technician Instr FDL Room B108.5 920-924-3154
Mueller Kathy Basic Education Instructor BD Room K316.4 920-887-4417
Mullane Rebecca Communications Instructor FDL A218.3 920-924-3138
Murre Wolf Stephanie Off Tech & Comp Appl Instr FDL Room O206.7 920-924-3351
Naber Amy Recruitment Specialist WB Room N121.2 262-335-5853
Nanna Sigrid Disability Resource Specialist FDL Room A216 920-924-3188
Nehmer Ronald Housekeeper BD Room K304.2 920-887-1704
Nelson Vicki Nursing Instructor BD Room K105.3 920-887-4413
Nemitz Jeffery Bldgs & Grounds Maint Worker FDL Room B-101.2 920-924-3377
Niemuth Troy EWD CNC Instructor FDL Room B121.5 920-924-3170
Noring Cindi Student Supp & Call Center Rep WB Room T112 262-306-5330
Nyhouse Mary Adm Asst - Health Sciences WB Room L101 262-306-5314
O'Brien Candi Instr Tech Testing Specialist FDL Room A-205.1 920-924-3247
O'Laughlin Renae Housekeeper FDL Room C130 --
Oliva Iolanda Social Science Instr WB Room L103.6 262-335-5747
Olmedo Mirna Housekeeper FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Olson Kim Mechanical Design Techn Instr WB Room T202.7 262-335-5752
Olson James Civil Engineering Techn Instr FDL Room B122.1 920-924-3202
Pagenkopf Scott Electrical Power Distrib Instr BD Room K210.6 920-887-4414
Pahlow Daniel Business Mgmt Instr FDL Room O201.5 920-924-3321
Pahnke Heddy Adm Asst-Nursing WB Room L101 262-335-5710
Paolasini Lisa Adm Aide - Admissions FDL Room E103.10 920-924-3200
Paradies Anne Early Childhood Edu Instructor FDL Room E104.2A 920-924-3132
Patterson Amy Communications Instructor BD Room K210.8 920-887-4470
Paul Aaron Fire Training Instructor BD Room K210.16 920-887-4404
Pearce Marla Human Resources Instr FDL Room O206.3 920-924-3305
Peartree Jay Fire Training Instructor BD Room K210.17 920-887-4491
Pederson Regina Student Support Rep BD Room J101 920-887-1740
Peters Jeffrey Computer Tech Supt Spec WB Room L136 262-335-5702
Petrowitz Melanie Facilities Management Asst FDL Room C-131 920-924-3223
Pickart Benjamin Messaging Systems Engineer FDL Room C105.11 920-924-3186
Pieper Julienne Finance Manager FDL District Office-Finance 920-924-6321
Plamann Larry Director of Network Services FDL Room C105.9 920-924-6318
Platt Lori Student Support Repr BD Room J101 920-887-1737
Pluim Abby EWD Bootcamps Project Mgr FDL Room E122.1 920-924-3338
Pollard Lisa Assoc Dean of Business & IT FDL Room O206.1 920-924-3333
Possin Robert Housekeeper FDL C130 920-924-3223
Pusch Nancy Basic Education Instructor WB Room W139.2 262-335-5821
Putzer Bart Design Specialist FDL Room O105.5 920-924-3252
Quackenboss Jeffrey Mechanical Design Techn Instr FDL Room B121.7 920-924-3172
Raad Brenda Associate Dean of Health WB Room L101.2 262-306-5313
Rameker Lisa Computer Lab Software App Spec FDL Room A210 920-924-3322
Reese Anthony Math Instructor BD Room K210.5 920-887-1811
Reinke Steven Bldgs & Grounds Maint Worker WB Room L140 262-335-5745
Repp-Butzke Nicole Nursing Instructor FDL Room B108.7 920-924-3123
Retlich Kim Switchboard Operator FDL Room C004.1 920-924-3308
Rettler Peter Dean of the West Bend Campus WB Room T113.5 262-335-5706
Rhode Tiffany Adm Aide-BD Campus Coordinator BD Room K211.1 920-887-4444
Rice Fredrick Dean of Applied Techn & Trades FDL Room B107.3 920-924-3291
Rice Hannah Instructional Tech Specialist FDL Room O215 920-924-3155
Richards Gerald Chief Information Officer FDL Room C105.3 920-924-3184
Ritger Deborah Adm Aide- Mktg & Communication FDL Room O105 920-929-2121
Rodee-Schneider Robin Digital Marketing Instructor FDL Room O201.3 920-924-3106
Rodenkirch Brad Maintenance Mechanic FDL Room B-101.2 920-924-3377
Rodriguez Anthony English Lang Lrng Prog Special BD Room K316.3 920-887-4496
Rodriguez Melissa Nursing Instructor FDL Room E128.1 920-924-6444
Roehl Thomas Process Engineering Techn Inst FDL Room B105.1 920-924-3144
Rohde Amanda Student Support Rep BD Room J101 920-887-1732
Rommelfanger Grace Nursing Instructor BD Room K105.7 920-887-1464
Rottscholl Eileen EWD Recruitment & Advising Spe FDL Room E124 920-924-3334
Ruback Sally Enrollment Services Manager FDL Room C004.2 920-924-6320
Rudie Scott Director of Marketing & Comm FDL Room O105.2 920-924-6326
Russell Robin Admin Aide-Enrollment Services FDL Room C004.4 920-924-6452
Russell Jamie Basic Education Supp Rep FDL Room A227 920-924-6383
Rymer Mark Electrician Apprentice Instr FDL Room B108.9 920-924-3164
Sabel Michele Employment Services Specialist FDL Room A102.7 920-924-3205
Sabel Kenneth Housekeeper FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Sabel Khristine Basic Education Supp Rep BD Room K316.2 920-887-4402
Sabel Jennifer Research Specialist FDL Room E103.10B 920-924-3197
Sabel Annette Central Scheduling Specialist FDL District Office 920-924-6448
Saeger Samantha Student Involvement Specialist FDL Room A102.9 920-924-3101
Schaefer Brenda Social Science Instructor FDL Room O201.2 920-924-3153
Schatz Christopher Corrections Science Instr FDL Room E123.6B 920-924-3253
Schegetz Brenda Student Supp & Call Center Rep BD Room J101 920-887-1556
Schelter Laura EWD Community Coordinator RPN Room 120 920-924-6408
Scheuermann Mary Nursing Instructor WB Room L103.10 262-335-5744
Schlass Ralph Housekeeper WB Room L140 262-335-5745
Schmidt Mark Water Quality Instructor FDL Room E123.6A 920-924-3283
Schmidt Matthew ellucian-DW Tech Lead FDL Room E124 920-924-3141
Schmitz Dee Finance Assistant FDL District Office-Finance 920-924-3234
Schmitz Debra Nursing Instructor WB Room L103.15 262-335-5847
Schneider Jodie Asst to VP - Finance & Adm Ser FDL District Office-Finance 920-924-3231
Schneider Mary Basic Education Instructor FDL Room A223.1 920-924-3355
Schneidewind Edward Housekeeper WB Room L140 262-335-5745
Schnettler Scott Marine Power Equip Instr BD Room K210.12 920-887-4418
Schoeller Kelly Anatomy & Physiology Instr BD Room K105.6 920-887-1425
Schoener Jacqueline Respiratory Care Prac Instr FDL Room E128.4 920-924-3255
Schoenwetter Mary Ann Student Support Repr BD Room J101 920-887-4476
Schollmeyer Linda Student Supp & Call Center Rep FDL Room C004.1 920-924-3216
Schoonover Jennifer Software Asset Manager FDL Room C105.14 920-924-3295
Schrage Lori Benefits Coordinator FDL District Office-HR 920-924-3226
Schreiber Michael Systems Engineer FDL Room C105.10 920-924-3179
Schroeder Melanie Student Involvement Specialist WB Room L160.2 262-335-5743
Schroeder William Instructional Technology Clerk WB Room T-127 262-335-5891
Schuh Deborah Basic Education Instructor FDL Room A223.2 920-924-3280
Schwamn Kim Enrollment Services Coord WB Room T112 262-335-5881
Schwanz Craig Automotive Techn Instr FDL Room B108.6 920-924-3152
Scott Stephanie Health Info Technology Instr WB Room L103.20 262-335-5782
Sears Sara Adm Aide-Cosmetology FDL Room C103.2 920-924-3177
Seichter Joan Off Tech & Comp Appl Instr FDL Room O206.4 920-924-3353
Seidel Craig CNC/Tool & Die Techn Instr WB Room T202.8 262-335-5753
Selgrad Otmar Tech Science Instr FDL Room B121.4 920-924-3169
Sellers Tina Basic Education Manager FDL Rm A224.1 920-924-3331
Serwe Eileen Financial Aid Specialist FDL Room C126 920-924-3210
Sesing Mary Enrollment Services Specialist FDL Room C004.1 920-924-3213
Shafaie Kelly Nursing Instructor WB Room L103.11 262-335-5755
Shulman Tirza Social Science Instr FDL Room O201.6 920-924-3344
Sibilski Joseph Interactive Media Design Instr WB Room T202.5 262-335-5772
Siemers Jeffrey Reference Librarian FDL Room A211 920-924-3108
Simmers James Culinary Arts Instructor FDL Room B108.11 920-924-3131
Smith Michael TRIO Manager FDL A102.3 920-924-3160
Smith Tami Housekeeper FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Sonnleitner Jeffrey IT Network Specialist Instr FDL Room O206.6 920-924-3166
Spannbauer Donna Financial Aid Specialist FDL Room C110 920-924-6379
Spieth Margaret Instructional Designer FDL Room E124 920-929-2134
Stark Michelle Systems Analyst FDL Room E124 920-924-3140
Stefan Benjamin Systems Engineer FDL Room C105.14 920-924-3182
Stettbacher Paula Director of Human Resources FDL Room G-100 920-924-3232
Stoffel Fran Housekeeper WB Room L140 262-335-5745
Stoffel Debra Admin Aide - Financial Aid WB Room T112 262-335-5771
Stoffel Theresa Student Supp & Call Center Rep WB Room T112 262-306-5320
Story Samantha Adm Asst-FDL Outreach FDL Room E127B 920-929-2117
Stueber Jeffrey Business Management Instructor FDL Room O206.10 920-924-3327
Tease Rachel Basic Education Instructor WB W139.2 262-335-5781
Tenhaken Brenda Adm Aide-EWD Comm Ed Room JX102 262-335-5826
Torgersen Ann Asst to VP Student Affairs FDL Room E101 920-924-6432
Troedel Scott Senior Systems Engineer FDL Room C105.12 920-924-3180
Turner Brian EMS/Paramedic Instructor FDL Room E-152.1 920-924-3260
Updike Breanna Adm Aide-Organizational Dev FDL Room O-110 920-924-3126
Urben Judy Public Relations & Adver Mgr FDL Room O105.9 920-924-3268
VanDemark Kathleen Counselor WB Room N121.4 262-335-5874
VandeSlunt Katie Recruitment Specialist FDL Room O204.2 920-924-3347
Vang Chue ellucian - Sr Systems Analyst FDL 920-924-6317
VanKirk Jerome AODA Instructor FDL Room E128.11 920-924-3382
Vogl-Rauscher Mary Leadership Development Instr BD Room K210.11 920-887-4465
Vonau Jeffrey Electrical Power Distrib Instr BD Room K210.7 920-887-4420
Wagner Jennifer Career Pathway Coordinator FDL Room O204.3 920-924-3428
Wagner Christine Student Supp & Call Center Rep FDL Room C004.1 920-924-6473
Waldvogel-Leitner Julie Financial Aid Manager FDL Room C125.1 920-924-6347
Wamsley Mark Electricity Instructor WB Room L104.2 262-335-5736
Ward Thomas Interactive Media Design Instr WB Room T202.3 262-335-5860
Waters Steven Shipping/Receiving & Mail Clrk FDL Room C142 920-924-3222
Watry Gary Welding Instructor BD Room K401.1 920-887-4494
Weber Rachel Disability Resource Specialist WB Room W145.1 262-306-5300
Werner Catherine Instructional Deliv Tech Spec WB Room N110.1 262-335-5824
Wickert Dean Housekeeper FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Wierenga Erin Recruitment Specialist FDL Room O204.1. 920-924-3204
Wiese Susan Grants Specialist FDL Room E103.10E 920-924-3230
Wilkens Terri Social Science Instr FDL Room A218.1 920-924-3139
Wood Neil Housekeeper (FDL) FDL Room C130 920-924-3223
Woolridge Douglas Ec/Wkfc Development Instructor FDL Room B121.9 920-924-3418
Yang David Career Pathway Transition Spec FDL A224.2 920-924-6394
Yoon Elizabeth Science Instructor WB Room L103.21 262-335-5837
Zautner Michelle Nursing Instructor WB Room L103.1 262-335-5711
Ziebell Eric Medical Office Techn Instr FDL Room E128.9 920-924-3276
Zimdahl Thomas Accounting Instructor BD Room K210.18 920-887-4415
Zimmerman-Klemp Kelli Student Supp & Call Center Rep FDL Room C004B 920-924-3246
Zingsheim Lois Culinary Arts Instructor FDL Room A111.2 920-924-3134
Ziolkowski Joanna Instr Tech & LRC Clerk BD Room J110 920-887-4479
Ziolkowski Tomasz LRC Clerk WB Room N107 262-335-5811
Zuehlke Bonny Housekeeper WB Room L140 262-335-5745
Zuern Nancy Recept/Info Proc II-Std Serv WB Room T100 262-335-5896
Zupke Shannon Adm Asst - General Ed FDL Room O109.5 920-929-2113